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Autronic SMC, SM2 and SM4 Engine Management Systems

If you are ready to get serious about your performance vehicle, we have the ultimate solution that gives you total control of engine operation.

bulletWant to safely turn up the boost on your modern turbocharged techno-machine?
bulletIs that carbureted muscle car giving up fuel efficiency and drivability as you add more muscle?
bulletDid you build up your engine and find that your factory ECU can't cope?

With programmable engine management and modern electronic fuel injection, you can have radical power in a clean running vehicle with modern drivability.

We have the know-how and the tuning tools to install and program the most sophisticated engine management systems available anywhere.  Robert Payton oversees the installation and system programming from beginning to end.  Robert has an M.S. in engineering along with an undergraduate degree in chemistry.  He has more than a decade of experience with data acquisition and control systems in a research setting.  You don't have to be a computer expert to own and benefit from an engine management system.  We will do all of the tuning and programming for you and we provide ongoing support after the installation.

We install them, tune them and then supertune them with cylinder-by-cylinder data collection on our SuperFlow chassis dyno until optimized.  The advanced features of the Autronic engine management allow engines to start instantly from any temperature, achieve smooth idle rapidly, drive like a modern car should, and then unleash maximum performance under wide open throttle conditions.  The Autronic SM2 is among the most advanced, stand-alone, engine management systems in the world incorporating the technology of Formula One such as flat-shift, traction control, launch control and high speed data logging.

bulletDo you want to be able to monitor and control all of the parameters of an operating race engine from your lap top computer at track-side?
bulletDo you want to log engine operating parameters during a test or qualifying session?

Speed Lab has the product and the knowledge to bring you these advanced features.  The black box technology of top racing formulas is now available to you.

We offer complete, ready-to-install, boxed kits including Autronic ECU, Autotune software, harness, sensors, 100+ page manual and passionate support after the sale.  

We offer installation and professional dyno tuning and will provide client references upon request.   

Call us to make a plan for your application.  

Autronic SM4 - New in 2005

The new generation Autronic SM4 is totally configurable for nearly any application including continuously variable valve timing (example BMW VANOS) and variable valve lift (example Toyota VVTiL).  Numerous configurable outputs and features as offered by the very high priced competitor's systems, at a fraction of the cost.  This new product, at this price, coupled with an AiM driver display LCD dash is a powerhouse in the current pro racing marketplace.

Ferrari 288 GTO engine - twin turbo V8, 2.8 liters, with fully programmable engine management.


Ferrari 2 liter F2 racing engine containing the finest custom made internals including titanium rods and titanium valves.  Old Lucas mechanical injection is long gone, replaced with modern Autronic SM2 engine management.  Chassis is a vintage Ferrari Dino 206GTS race car.


This is over the top.  Whipple quad-rotor big blocks making over 1100hp EACH.  Each engine has its own Autronic SMC engine management system.   Speed Lab tuned the fuel maps for these engines on the water.  Don't tell my wife, but by 6000rpm I was tapping my laptop at 130 mph on water.  Sometimes its nice to get away from the dyno for a little boat ride.  Engines and rigging were by GT Performance in Newport Beach, CA.


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